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Названия страниц

Названия страниц в DokuWiki автоматически конвертируются в нижний регистр. Из специальных символов допускаются только ".", "-" и "_", все остальные специальные символы конвертируются в нижнее подчеркивание. Двоеточие (":") используется для создания пространств имен.

FIXME перевести остаток

When the config#deaccent config option is enabled (on by default) local and accented characters are converted to their descriptive equivalents (ü becomes ue) or deaccented versions (á becomes a).

Most templates, including the default, present the full pagename and the namespaces in its path, at the top left corner of the page. For example this page's name is wiki:pagename. 1)

When linking to other Wikis using wiki:InterWiki links the name restrictions of these Wikis apply.

Even when CamelCase or WikiWord is enabled in the wiki:config file the pagenames will remain lowercase.

Названия страниц и Пространства имен

You may picture namespaces as directories and pagenames as files inside them.

Therefore the a:b:c pagename can be pictured as:

   root namespace (always present)
     +-- 'a' namespace
           +-- 'b' namespace
                 +-- 'c' pagename

Note that you can have a pagename and a namespace with the same name, at the same time, within any namespace. Back to the above example, the a:b pagename can be pictured as:

   root namespace (always present)
     +-- 'a' namespace
           +-- 'b' pagename (not to be confused with the 'b' namespace above)

This doesn't lead to conflicts, because DokuWiki treats the final token (the one after the last colon) as the name of the page itself, while all other tokens are namespaces.

  • In a:b:c, a and b are namespaces while c is a page.
  • In a:b, a is interpreted as a namespace and b as a page.

See Пространства имен for more details.

Creating Pagenames

When your browser requests a pagename that doesn't already exist, DokuWiki may (depending on your access rights) present you with the option to create it. You can do this by directing your browser to the URL of the desired pagename or by creating a link to the new pagename on another DokuWiki page and following it with your browser.

If the pagename path contains namespaces that don't already exist, they will also be created.

Deleting Pages

If you edit a page and remove all its content then DokuWiki will delete the page, and the associated pagename. (Note that the wiki:attic remains.)

Renaming Pages

FIXME article not redy See the full article here.

This can be changed. See, for example, the config#useheading setting.
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